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The differences between beach volleyball and indoor volleyball

The differences between beach volleyball and indoor volleyball

Volleyball is one of the most interesting sports that gain the popularity all over the worlds. It attracts the participation of many people from generations, genders, social status… Besides the role in improving and practicing the human health, which keeps people keep healthy and fitness, this sport is also regarded as one activity for entertainment to help people escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy life.

Indoor volleyball

Actually, there are two common types of volley ball which are indoor volleyball and beach volley ball.

Two kinds of this sport to some degree are as different as chalks and cheese, which is sure that the players can enjoy the different experience with each type. In this paper, I would like to share you more information about the differences between 2 types of volleyball so that you can tell them apart and choose for yourself the most suitable one.

  • The very first obvious difference is the place for playing. As mentioned in their name, indoor volleyball often takes place in the stadiums while people often play beach volleyball on the long sand side of the beach. The difference in location makes the difference in the attitude and feeling of the players to some degree. If participants often feel free and comfortable when playing volleyball on the beach, the indoor game often brings the feeling of a bit pressure.
  • The area of the court on the beach often smaller than the indoor one. The total area for the beach court is about 64m2 for 4 sides of the net.
  • Other difference between two kinds is the number of members in each team. As far as we know, in indoor volleyball, a team often includes about 6 members while there are only 2 members in beach volleyball. Therefore, if in indoor game, they often apply the rotation rules, in the beach game, it doesn’t take place. There is only the change in the order of serving between the 2 members.
  • Besides, the way of playing also makes the difference between two types. With beach volleyball, the player cannot set the ball over the net if he does not face the net on the first contact. The beach volleyball doesn’t allow the double hits as indoor ones. The players in the beach volleyball have not right to contact the ball twice during the serve receiving.
  • Moreover, when playing beach volleyball open hand tipping is prohibited because they believe that this action can make the scoring become easier and do not cause the competitiveness and challenges of the game.

beach volleyball

With the information above, we hope that you will well understanding the difference between two basic types of volleyball. Of course not matter what kinds of sport you desire to take part in, the most initial criteria that you need to have is the sporty attitude, fair play and the passion. We hope that you will find for yourself a suitable sport after this post.

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