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How to Clean a Fish Finder Screen

How to Clean a Fish Finder Screen

It is crucial to have a bright, clear screen on your fish finder, which helps you easily take a look and read all the things inside. Cleaning the screen is an important factor since advanced fish finders use sonar technology. Thank this, you will get all important information including depth, temperature, bottom composition and the presence of fish.

Most of the causes that make your screen unclear are water smears and spots. This may come from rain, waves, splashes, and even playing fish. Leave water drying on your screen can produce ugly water spots. After a period, they will reduce your screen clarity, and the minerals in the water set into the lens make it become difficult to remove.

Things Need To Avoid

Abrasives: The first rule you have to remember is that do not use an abrasive glass cleaner when cleaning the glass with anti-reflective coatings. The abrasives possibly eliminate all the coating. In addition, if the coating is removed, you will begin to scratch the glass itself. So never clean screen with this in a dry or liquid form. Besides this, do not use paper towels contain fibers to dry the screen because they can make the surface scratch.

Ammonia or Alcohol Based Cleaners: These kinds of cleaners literally remove anti-reflective coatings as a solvent. Although they could clean the water spots from the screen, over time, after the coating is removed, other ambient light will be harmful to your eyes when you look at the screen. Moreover, the screen easily clouds up, and eventually cannot use.

Rain-X:  You may think about using  Rain-X to clean your fish finder screen, but do not use this. It is made with polymer substances which will exactly adhere to, and remove the anti-reflective coating, and then the screen will no longer be anti-reflective. If you use this, you will not be able to look at the screen during the day.

5 Useful Ways To Clean Fish Finder Screen

Using Windex with Vinegar: Windex Multisurface mixed with Vinegar is 100% ammonia free, which helps safely clean your fish finder screens without any damage.

Specialty Cleaners: Specialty glass cleaners are available in different types, which help clean your fish finder screen and keep the reflective coating intact. Wave Away and Krystal Vision are made for instrument panels with reflective coatings, including sonar, GPS systems, and fish finders. They do not contain ammonia or alcohol so they are great for the screen and they are spray bottles which help us easier to use.

Sparkle Glass Cleaner: Like Windex with Vinegar, Sparkle glass cleaner is free ammonia or alcohol, it would be ideal to clear the screen. Actually, to add a little more punch to this cleaning liquid, you could add a bit of vinegar in a 16 to 1 ratio.

Mixture of Vinegar and Water: the mixture vinegar and water also a great way to clean your fish finder screen. However, you have to be careful because vinegar contains mild acid, and acids possibly dissolve the reflective coating. For safety, you can try a ratio of 16 water to 1 vinegar, but that of 20 to 1 would be an even better bet.

Dish Soap and Water: This is one of the most cost-saving fish finder cleaners. All the requirements for this solution are water, dish soap, spray bottle and soft cloth which are not expensive and easy to buy. It can be sprayed onto a soft cloth, then wiped onto the screen and then wiped off. Remember to use a clean and damp cloth for a rinse, you may have a good result.

Cleaning cloth

Using a microfiber or soft cleaning cloth is a great way to clean fish finder screen with some liquid above and it would be better if it is a little bit wet. You can be proactive this way and prevent water spots before they happen. Damp microfiber cloths are possibly the best choice, and always make sure the cloth is grit free from previous wipes in order not to scratch the screen when you use it for the next time.

Practical tip

I always take initiative to clean my fish finder screens so that the screen always has no water spots, and is bright. A Ziploc bag containing a small spray bottle filled with Windex Multisurface and vinegar and a small microfiber cleaning cloth is a thing that I always have. I usually put the bag in one of my storage places. Whenever I see the water on the screen for the day I can quickly and easily spray and wipe off any dried water spots before putting the covers on.


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