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Leupold RX-850i TBR DNA – Bow and Rifle Rangefinder

Leupold RX-850i TBR DNA – Bow and Rifle Rangefinder

Designed to suit various range-finding applications, the Leupold RX-850i is the perfect addition to your regimen. In particular, this unit comes with a fully featured design that comprises of various technologies. Listed in the line of the best hunting rangefinder with angle compensation, it nearly meets the performance benchmarks of most users.

Overview of this Hunting Rangefinder

Leupold RX-850i TBR

Discover the excellence of the Leupold RX-850i TBR rangefinder that features an LCD screen and it can also provide an exceptional 6x magnification level. More so, this unit also provides an exceptional range that averages at 850 yards on reflective targets and 650 yards on deer.

Besides that, this hunting rangefinder is able of displaying compensated angles and distances as well. Taking things to the next level, this unit also comes with unique last priority settings such as the Trophy Scale Technologies. Best of all, users will also appreciate that the rangefinder is powered by an exceptional CR2 battery. In particular, this battery provides waterproof benefits and its backed by a unique 2-year warranty.

LOS & Bow Modes

Perhaps one of the most notable aspects of the RX-850i rangefinder is that it provides an exceptional LOS level. This means that the rangefinder returns the distance to the target without incorporating additional information such as the angle of the shot or perhaps any ballistic holdovers. Furthermore, users will also appreciate the unique bow mode that is very simple in bow aiming and can demonstrate distances in meters or in yards.

If the distance passes the 125-yard mark without compensating for the angle, then the rangefinder will inform the user with a flashing LED. In particular, the flashing LED makes it simple to inform the user, especially during hunting competitions or when the target is likely to move away. More so, when in Bow mode, the machine will also show the angle of the shot and classify it in degrees.

Rifle Mode

Rifle Mode

Hunters will also appreciate the hunting mode that is available on this best hunting rangefinder. When in rifle mode, users can be able to direct the rangefinder to return angles and distances in specific metrics. On top of that, the user can also choose in between as many as 7 ballistic groups that are similar to the hunting cartridges and also to receive ranges based on the holdover level.

Some of the options included are cm, mil, MOA, inches and more. Also, the RX-850i TBR is also capable of determining the holdover distances out to 800 yards. However, when you consider the factors the unit accounts for, 500 yards is the maximum distance that one might want to use these holdover metric for optimal effectiveness. Another mode is referred to as the Trig, and this allows the unit to calculate the approximate height of the objects.

Trophy Scale

This is a unique feature that is only found on a limited number of Leupold flagship rangefinders. This feature allows the user to estimate the antler size and they can choose measurements that range in between 10 inches and 60 inches as a base measurement. Following this, the rangefinder will then provide the user with information about the distance such as the range.

The information is presented as a bracket and this allows the user to compare various measurements sizes. In particular, the measurements are represented by special antlers that are used to symbolize the animal in question. Users can also flip the rangefinder 90 degrees, which makes it simple to determine the height of the antlers. Following this, the display will demonstrate the bracket for some few seconds for the users to access.

Leupold RX-850i TBR DNA

The good

Broadly speaking, this rangefinder provides various useful features such as the Leupold RX-1200I tbr/w series rangefinder. However, while the RX850i does not come with an OLED display, aluminum housing, this unit is very pocket-friendly. One of the main useful features for a hunter would be last target priority, which is also available in this unit. In particular, the last target priority makes it easy for the user to focus on objects that are located in regions with poor vision.

Best of all, this unit also has waterproof capabilities, which does well to make it ideal for the outdoors. Additionally, the rangefinder also has an exceptional 6x zoom level, which makes it ideal for magnifying long distance targets.

The bad

While this best hunting rangefinder has various unique features, it also some drawbacks that we should consider. For instance, the performance of the rangefinder is sometimes compromised by screen clutter especially when used in `Trophy mode`. This minor annoyance means that you cant gain access to the information until the range has been determined.

Furthermore, the trophy scale feature also requires one to view the target from a special location or to perhaps range the animal when it’s in a constant position. Although the 6x level is not at as high as some rangefinders, it is certainly sufficient for hunting applications.


Simply put, the Leupold RX-850i TBR DNA – Bow and Rifle Rangefinder can be categorized in between the dual purpose and archery rangefinder categories. Based on our expert opinion, the rangefinder is more of a budget dual purpose brand since it does not come with a durable housing or a unique OLED display.

More so, this unit does not have a good distance range as compared to most rangefinder models. That said, this rangefinder provides similar features and it comprises of all the useful features for your hunting needs.


All things considered, the Leupold RX-850i is an excellent investment for hunters looking for a pocket-friendly rangefinder. This unit can provide compensated readings and it also features last target priority modes as well.

These two features are crucial in the performance of any good rangefinder. Furthermore, the exceptional 6x magnification level also makes this unit ideal for hunting applications. Generally, this rangefinder is perfect for users who want to hunt with a dynamic and affordable rangefinder. The cost of the rangefinder is very reasonable and so are the unique design features.

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