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Nikon vs Bushnell Golf Rangefinder – Which Ones Should You Choose?

Nikon vs Bushnell Golf Rangefinder – Which Ones Should You Choose?

When it comes to a golf rangefinder, you probably hear Nikon and Bushnell. Of course, these are popular brands on the current market. It is so easy to go to the shop and put your card to purchase the product.

However, it is quite tough to consider Bushnell or Nikon. Well, you should understand all key features of a golf rangefinder. Then, you possibly find out some greatest points in each brand. This is the reason some blog here to support you get a clear golf GPS rangefinder devices comparison (

Before making a comparison, make your own list of the features of a golf rangefinder should have

Magnification level

Basically, all rangefinders have different magnifications between 0 and 7 times. With a higher magnification of a golf rangefinder, it definitely supports you to reach the target without struggling. Today, if a product cannot get 5 times (at least) magnification, then you will know that it is not worthy for you to make a hole in your wallet.


Though size is an incredible factor when considering a rangefinder, it is also a little bit difficult to pick the right one.

This is because it depends on the subjectivity of an individual. For example, two golfers will see a golf rangefinder at the same time. The first one does not feel comfortable as it is quite heavy and bulky with their small hands while the second one feels perfect for their hands because the product is so solid.

Size also impacts on how you store the golf rangefinder at your home. A big one is not ideal for a modest space.


A high-quality often has an LCD display as this is a precious standard in these days. And you should also find the one with the LCD console. Furthermore, you need to find out some different features in a display like ambient lights, various backdrops, etc.


On a green course, the range may get around 500 yards for a wonderful benchmark of a maximum distance. In addition, you should know the minimum distance while performing on your game. Although this is not the most important features, it is still a standard point to help you get a good golf rangefinder.

Accuracy level

Accuracy is also crucial for a good product. For the first place of using, most golfers need to hit the right hole. However, it does not mean all golf rangefinders have the similar accuracy. Some main rangefinders will have some specific innovations which probably make the measurements more accurate or less. The best golf rangefinders often have 1 yard.

Scan mode

Most high-end golf rangefinders have a scan mode or related buttons. You should keep the button in a couple of seconds. Then, when you press it, the rangefinder will scan the targets and objects which are displayed on the screen. This is a tremendous feature that offers you a wonderful idea of distances.


A slope is the latest technology in the last couple of years. Unfortunately, some have this while other brands do not. To be honest, some golfers need this only.

With it, you enable to have a good valuation between your stand and the target. It probably estimates the approximate, repaired the distance, and some frequent reference. However, these will meet the USGA rules in each state. Some local courses prohibit this feature when using in tournaments.

In case you are playing with a tightened authorization, you need to turn it off. Do not forget to do that!


As mentioned earlier, size of a golf rangefinder should be suitable for your hands. With weight, it also needs to be lightweight enough to keep on your hands (even if you can take it by one hand only).

Moreover, you enable to carry it around the course without much hassle. Today, most state-of-the-art products also have thin and light feature. And a new golf rangefinder is no an exception. Thus, you should take into account this factor by touching it and keeping it in a few minutes before buying.


In some humidity days, you can play on the green. Nonetheless, a golf rangefinder cannot withstand this harsh condition. What do I mean? You should not purchase the one that does not have waterproof feature. This is because it may rain on the green suddenly. Some best products also get other resistance features such as weatherproof, sun resistance, etc.

Cost or value

Price cannot miss out on your list because it also refers the value of a product you will buy. In case you choose two rangefinders with the same price range, you need to check other factors such as warranty policies, attachments, etc.

This is the time of comparing Bushnell and Nikon

For me, I will make a comparison chart like this to get a clear picture of these rangefinders. You enable to use your own method to list out all perfect features.




Suitable size to store (4.4 ounces only) Provide a remarkable performance
Foldable design (you ought to put it in a pocket) Good accuracy (up to 1 yard – thanks to the Specific Integrated Circuit chip to support)
Easy to use (touch a push button to control it) Ease of use (you totally take one hand to control it while keeping another thing on the another
High accuracy Efficient of being adequate in large distances
High range (550 yards) Extremely lightweight (6.6 ounces)
Waterproof Affordable design and modish
Good console (6 times) with an LCD technology and coating Quick work as all measurements occur in seconds
Easy to read the LCD display


In the golf rangefinder industry, Bushnell has a reliable brand with all models. And the Nikon is also excellent for every golfer and help them in their game. The quality gap between Nikon and Bushnell is not big as most of the people may suppose. Take the one that you see it is suitable for your performance!

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